A perfect fun zone for the thrill lovers in Southeast Asia! Be safe and have fun at a variety of world class thrill rides from leading manufacturers. Test your guts and overcome your fear, an unforgettable and fun experience that will extremely raise your pulse rate and pump up your adrenaline.


Wander around Family World and fulfill your memorable experience with happiness at many fun rides. Keep your family entertained in the edutainment park. Enjoy learning while playing. Spend a quality time with your family. Start your holiday with smiles and end it with lots of joyful memories.


Welcome to the Fantasy World! Wander through the Fantasy World and enjoy many fanciful rides. Fulfill your day with smiles and happiness at the Fantasy World.


A funtastic zone for your little angels. Enjoy a number of rides that’s good for child development. Have fun at Play Port. Experience the first ride on Mini Motorcycle. Have a good time on Swan, Mini Boat, Mini Astrofighter, an adventurous fun with a chance to meet new friends.